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      We like to get casually extreme. We hope you do to. Back in our day we rocked neon everything; ski gear, board shorts, bikinis, sunglasses, batting gloves, skateboards, sunscreen, in-line skates, you name it. The coolest kid on the block was the one with the strongest neon game. After trying to act like adults for far too long, we set out to reclaim the block and raise the stakes. Despite the obvious dangers, we combined neon colors and trucker hats just to see what would happen. The outcome amazed us all -- neon trucker hats. We know, it blew our minds too. In fact, the results were so overwhelming that we also applied this proprietary process to sunglasses and a bunch of other rad stuff. In the past our gear would be referred to as "cool", but this is the future where cool is now casually extreme!