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      We're all about living a casually extreme story, and we hope you're on the same wave. Back in the day, it was all about rocking neon from head to toe—neon ski gear, board shorts, bikinis, sunglasses, batting gloves, skateboards, and even sunscreen. The true legend in the neighborhood was the one with the wildest neon game. But after spending too long trying to act like grown-ups, we decided to reclaim our block and raise the stakes. Despite the obvious dangers, we fearlessly combined neon colors with trucker hats, just to see what would happen. And, were we stoked with the outcome—neon trucker hats! It blew our minds. The hype was so gnarly that we expanded this proprietary process to sunglasses and a whole bunch of other epic gear. In the past, our stuff was considered "cool," but this is the future, where cool is now casually extreme!