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      Boom Boom | Important Decision Maker
      Boom Boom is our Important Decision Maker. He can often be found burning the midnight oil at the Crush Groovin Center for People That Like to Party and Get Casually Extreme Too.  He is a firm believer that game recognizes neon trucker hat game. We don't even know what that means, but are the first to admit that it sounds good. 

      Secret Agent 009.5 | It's Classified
      Secret Agent 009.5 is a former professional snowboarder turned secret Crush Groovin agent. He conducts clandestine casually extreme missions for us including, but not limited to, converting his hotel rooms to clubs and picking up bar tabs. Agent 009.5 has a tendency to break out his neon speedo in the blink of an eye and likes pizza. We are not totally sure what else he does but he likes to party and that's good enough for us. 

      CM | Casually Extreme Officer aka CEO
      CM is our Casually Extreme Officer aka CEO.  She has one official responsibility: To Make America Casually Extreme.  She is also our top saleswoman.  There are rumors of an inter-company love affair between CM and Agent 009.5 that has never been confirmed or denied. The fact is, she may be the only one that knows Agent 009.5's true identity.

      JET | President of Fun
      JET is our President of Fun. She primarily serves as Boom Boom's "hype man". Sometimes she is the voice of reason and other times she douses the fire. One thing is certain, give her a glass of wine and she goes from 0 to 100 real quick.  If partying and listening to Lady Gaga is wrong, JET does not want to be right.

      Laila | Chief Cookie Monster
      Laila is our Chief Cookie Monster and also serves as Boom Boom's personal K9 security.  She likes to get "doggy treat" wasted and pass out for hours at a time.  In the dog world, that is the definition of partying.