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      We are now taking applications for our 2017/2018 Apres Ski Team.


      1. Must be 21+
      2. Apres ski game must be 10 out of 10
      3. Must have Instagram and Facebook account
      4. Must ski or snowboard
      5. Must like to party

      If Named To The Team You Get:

      1. 5 Crush Groovin Trucker Hats
      2. 1 Crush Groovin Winter Hat
      3. 2 T-Shirts
      4. Lots of stickers
      5. Personal Crush Groovin discount code for the ski season
      6. The Opportunity to be promoted to a casually extreme sponsored athlete

      To apply, submit email to sales@crushgroovin.com with the following information:

      1. Name
      2. Where you live
      3. Home mountain
      4. Instagram name
      5. Facebook name
      6. The most casually extreme picture you have of yourself
      7. Write your own Apres Ski Team bio

      Applications must be submitted by 11/8/2017